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Aquatic Exercise Assotiation


Attention aquafitness instructors who want to be trained by the world's leading standards and obtain a document of international standard. Do not miss a great opportunity to get certified AEA Association in Russian!

Association AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association, USA) is an internationally recognized educational institution. It was established in 1984 to inform and consult professionals in aquafitness. Today, its certificate are the most prestige and guarantee employment in any country! Numerous training programs to enhance the skills and certification AEA conducted in 30 countries in 8 languages. Among the students who received a certificate AEA Moscow has successfully found working abroad. International experts, authorized to certify the entire territory of Russia are coaches AEA – Ekaterina Khapkova and Tatiana Maximova.

Tatiana Maximova

Founder of WWIC (Water World International Convention). CEO of WELLNESS HALL company and AFS (AQUAFITNESS SCHOOL). Doctor in exercise therape and sports medicine. International trainer AEA. Master trainer FISAF, RAF. Presenter of Russian and international conventions. Author and leader of seminars, video and educational materials for aqua fitness. Two-fold holder of pan-Russian "Instructor of the Year". Participant of television projects. She is lecturer and speaker at forums and Russian Association for Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation of Patiens and the Disablet conferences.

Ekaterina Khаpkova

Founder of WWIC (Water World International Convention). Water programs manager "Sky Club". Master of sport of synchronized swimming. Master trainer. International trainer AEA (American Association of Aqua-fitness). Presenters of Russian international conventions since 2000. Author and presenter of workshops of aqua-fitness. Teacher FPA. Author of articles in magazines "Mans Health", "Tattler", "Fireside", etc.

Seminar and certification 12 - 15 july 2016.

The program of the seminar:
Basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills required instructor aqua fitness for group and individual programs.
Procedures for, build, program changes, lessons, exercises and basic elements of Aquafitness.
Principles and characteristics of the practice with people of different levels of preparedness, age, sex, state of health.
Introduction to international methods of training.
International certification AEA. Letting international test on theory and practice.

When passing the exam will receive a certificate of the American Association of aqua-fitness, which gives the right to teach anywhere in the world!

The cost of the seminar and certification - 33 500 rubles.
Certification costs without seminar (for coaches with experience of at least 3 years) - 12500 rubles.
Following the workshop provides assistance in job placement.

Entry to the seminar and for more information call:
+7 (495) 740 09 38, +7 (495) 778 77 40,
+7 (916) 676 99 81, +7 (916) 652 35 91.

Адрес проведения:
Санкт Петербург, ул Галстяна 3, спортивный клуб "Океаниум"

1 день 22.04.2017 или 23.04.2017 – 3000р
2 дня 22 – 23.04.2017 – 5500р

Преконвенция: (семинары)
1. Международный семинар и сертификация АЕА – 20.04.2017 — 33500р
2. Международная сертификация АЕА – 20.04.2017 – 12500р
3. Международный семинар “Функциональный тренинг в воде” — 21.04.2017 – 5500р
4. Международный семинар “Aquabootcamp” – 21.04.2017 — 5500р
5. Первый открытый семинар SUP`P – 21.04.2017 – 10500р
6. Семинар по грудничковому и детскому плаванию – 21.04.2017 – 7500р

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